Recipe for bigos (cabbage stew)

1,5kg sauerkraut
2 onions
2 spoons of oil
1 jess of sausage (slices)
250g boneless beef (cubes)
250g veal (cubes)
100g bacon (cubes)
150ml red wine
3 spoons tomato paste
half handful of dried fungus
half handful of dried plums
2 bay leafs
3 grains of allspice
1 spoon of cumin
1 spoon of marjoram
salt and pepper

1. -squeeze sauerkraut and shred.
   -Insert to big pot and inundate boiling water.
   -Add plums, bay leafs and allspice.
   -Simmer until soft (about 50 minutes).
2. -Squeeze dried fungus by boiling water and and push away.
3. -Fry onion.
   -Add sausage to frying onion and fry it to ruddy.
4. -In separate pot, boil 1 litr of water and add beef, veal and bacon.
   -Boil 20 minutes and drain off meat.
5. -When sauerkraut will be soft, add fungus (shred), meat and onion with sausage.
   -Boil at small fire without lid about 20 minutes.
   -Cast excess of water.
6. -Add red wine and boil still 20 minutes.
   -Season by marjoram, cumin, salt and pepper.
   -Add tomato paste and boil averything much mixing.
7. -Dish is more delicious if you will be simmer it on small fire about 1hour
   -Watch if food isn't clinging to pot !