Bye, bye from Italy

Today, May 30th, 2014, my students and I received a parcel from Poland, containing books, postcards and personalised magnets for everyone. We really appreciate your gesture and want to thank all of you for sharing some pieces of mutual history, geography and culture together. We hope to continue our project next year and wish you a nice end of term and a nice summer!!!

Bye bye,
Alessandra Di Muzio, English Teacher from ITE Calvi, Belluno and all the students from 2R.

See you again!

 As the end of the academic year is approaching we are going to stop the project for the time being. Nevertheless, we are already looking forward to starting it again next year.

At this stage I’d like to thank our partners for cooperation. It’s been a really pleasurable experience working with you. We are waiting for more ideas for the next year. Have a wonderful holiday. Take care you all and see you again in September.


 E. Bonk, the English teacher, and the students from 1TM.


Regional dishes

This week our Italian partners also prepared information about Italian food.

They found similarities between some Polish and Italian dishes

There is polenta, spaghetti, ravioli, which can be kind of equivalent of Polish pierogi and some other dishes typical for the province of Belluno.
They even came across Polish ghurkius, quite popular vegetable indeed.
Well spotted!


This week some of the students are working on the next task, which is Easter traditions.
Maybe we will find some similarities again?!

Polish dishes

This week students are working on traditional Polish dishes. They will be writing recipes for pierogi, żurek, barszcz, gołąbki and bigos, which are examples of our local cuisine.