I am thrilled to start this project with students and my colleague from Sanok, Poland.

My aim is to get pupils more involved in the learning process and in the discovery of sites outside their home. Given the fact that my students are specialising in tourism, they are very eager to know more about the customs, food, geography and tourist attractions in a country different from their own. Most of all, they are thrilled to know that they could be sharing their teenage dreams and thoughts about the world with peers from another country using English as lingua franca. So this project could also be a good opportunity to practice English, as well as to make the other party know more about Belluno, hopefully improving relationships with one another. In a globalised world like the one we live in, it is crucial to fully appreciate the peculiarities of a specific culture without levelling down differences but highlighting them, so as to make room for common grounds to work on to improve mutual understanding and promote the other’s culture as well as one’s own by creating an authentic world  meltin pot.

The first task the pupils will be working on is to find similarities and differences between the two towns of Belluno and Sanok and I’m looking forward to see the outcome of it.

About my colleague, Elwira: it was really nice to meet you in Cheltenham and I’m glad we’ve managed to make this project started. I’m sure it will be a wonderful experience and my students are excited about it.

Take care you all.

Alessandra Di Muzio, English Teacher at Istituto Calvi, Belluno

The students from 2R (Tourism)